• What is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

  • Raw hair is unprocessed hair. It does not undergo any chemical or steaming process. Raw hair will last longer than virgin hair with the proper care.

  • What grade is your hair?

  • Raw hair does not have a "grade". The grading scale for hair was created by Chinese vendors wanting to make customers believe hair was different grades so they would be able to charge an expensive amount.

  • How many bundles will I need?

  • 12-18”: 2 bundles ; 20-24": 3 bundles ; 26+": 4-5 bundles
    Although, this is just based on Foreign Roots personally opinion. You may need less bundles or you may feel you need more. Please keep in mind that raw hair is very thick. 

  • Can this hair be bleached or colored?

  • Yes, this hair can be bleached and colored. We recommend getting it done by a licensed professional. Please keep in mind that once the hair is colored, it isn't raw hair anymore. Due to this, it will require more care and moisture.

  • How long does the hair last?

  • The longevity of Foreign Roots hair depends on how well you care for your extensions. Please refer to the hair care guide provided in your package.




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